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National Service Hotline +86 (0)760-8779 3129
Service Hotline +86 (0)760-8779 3129

Shanxinzi Village is a village with beautiful scenery and pleasant environment in Shaoguan, Guangdong. The brand's large-scale Hao Jinggui grew up in such a good mountain. Mr. Wang Tinggui began his career in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning industry in 1997, and came to his own company under the name of his hometown.

Shanxinzi has been committed to the professional manufacturing of various protection facilities. With the development of Shanzi Power, we already have a complete production model, and at the same time accept a variety of special production for land cultivation.

We have had a pleasant mountain cooperation experience with customers in China Friends World in the past 10 years! Advantageous price is our biggest promise to customers!

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Zhongshan Shanxinzi Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Hotline:+86 (0)760-8779 3129
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